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Manage your EA SPORTS Madden NFL 18* and Madden NFL 17* online franchises on GamerHuddle and get access to all of your rosters, stats, game summaries and more directly on the web. Stay connected to your league, even on the go - export your data today!

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GamerHuddle | Madden NFL Website Online League Manager

Designed to manage and view your Madden NFL franchise data directly on the web.

The clean and quick user interface allows you to access your league data directly on the web.


View your current week, along with previous and futures weeks to stay on top of league scores.


Review league standings, playoff race, and detailed scoring data.

League Stats

View league leaders, individual player stats, team stats, and much more.


Full access to team rosters, positions, injury listings and development traits.

Player Cards

View full player attributes, yearly and game statistics, development traits and more.

Commissioner Tools

Set up league rules, league-wide email communication lists, GamerHuddle messaging system.


Ready for Madden 18!

GamerHuddle is now ready and able to handle your Madden 18 league.

Download the Madden 18 companion app and select Madden 18 when creating your league to get started!

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How It Works

Leveraging the EA SPORTS Madden NFL Companion App, you can export your online league data directly to GamerHuddle!

Step 1


  • Create league in-game.
  • Register on GamerHuddle.
  • Create league on GamerHuddle.
  • Invite League Members.

Step 2


  • Download Companion App.
  • Click on Export Data in app.
  • Enter custom GamerHuddle URL.
  • Export Data.

Step 3


  • View schedules.
  • View stats.
  • View rosters.
  • Manage your league.

It's completely FREE

I love Madden as much as you, and that's why I built GamerHuddle. Enjoy this service free of charge, now, and forever.


- Derek Adams, GamerHuddle Creator

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