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I got an error on export - now what?

From what we have seen, the EA SPORTS companion app has a few bugs and quirks. If you receive a fatal error while browsing the app or before you export, we recommended closing the app and restarting. If you receive an error after you export a piece of data to GamerHuddle, read the below:

First off, make sure you have the proper export URL in place in the app. It should always be formatted as the following:{your unique id}

Whereas the 'your unique id' inside of the brackets is custom to your league. The subdomain 'api' before might also we 'api1', 'api2', 'api3' - this just denotes which server will process your data. And also be sure that you are using HTTPS.

99% of the time, the 'League Info' export works without issue. This is because this data export is small and quick - the app processes it very quickly and our web service queues it up.

Rosters is where the bigger issues come into play. When you export your rosters, the EA Companion app first downloads all of your roster data to your device and then sets it up to send to our web service. This is a roughly 11mb data export for most leagues. If the companion app, during that download and export process, encounters a slowdown of download speeds, a slow down of upload speeds or a delayed response from our server, it immediately reports an error. Nine times out of ten, when the app reports an export on the external website, there was in fact no error. If the app doesn't receive an instant response, it reports error. When our service is receiving a high level of exports, the response back to your app may be delayed and the app will report error.

Our recommendation is to export each piece of data separately if you encounter issues.

First, click the checkbox for your league info, and export that. Once that processes successfully, check the box for rosters (and uncheck league info) and export that. If you get an error when its done exporting rosters, disregard the error in the app and move on to your weekly statistics.

For statistics, if it is your first export to GamerHuddle, leave it selected to export all weeks. If you are already synced with GamerHuddle, for best results, we recommended only exporting the statistics on a week by week basis. Not only does this speed up the export for you, it also saves us money on server processing. The less extra data you send us, the more money we can save on hosting fees.

How does GamerHuddle work?

In order to use GamerHuddle, you need to export your data from the official EA SPORTS Madden Companion App. When you signup for GamerHuddle and create your league, you will be given a unique export URL to enter into the Madden Companion App.

When you hit export, the companion app sends us your league information (league info, rosters, statistics) in a data format called JSON.

Once the data arrives at our servers, we queue it data up for processing. Depending on how many leagues are in line before you, your data could take anywhere from 1 to 10 minutes to show up on GamerHuddle.

It's important to wait at least 10 minutes before trying to export your data again. This saves our servers from having to process extra data and helps keep the process flowing for all of our leagues. If you attempted to overload the system with exports, your league will be temporarily blocked from the export process.

How much does GamerHuddle cost?

GamerHuddle is 100% free to use.

My data is incomplete - now what?

Send us a support ticket and we will clear out your data and help you get your data exported.

It says export failed on rosters?

Many times, the app will say your export of rosters has failed. 99% of the time, this is incorrect. If the app says your roster export has failed, wait a few minutes and your data should have properly been exported to GamerHuddle.